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We develop not only apps
but also talents

App development has more in common with talent development than you might think. Both require a deep understanding of the challenges and needs of the target group. You won’t get far with standard solutions. Rather, it is essential to create an individual offer for each individual. That’s why, for us, not only app development is custom-tailoring, but also the training of app developers. Depending on where you are at the moment and where you want to go, we offer different possibilities for education and training.

The internship is an ideal opportunity to explore what you like. Internships are particularly suitable for those who have already gained experience in software development and want to start their professional life. But also students of HTL or technical fields of study can gain valuable practical experience that way. Apply and we will decide together which field of activity is appropriate for you.

The apprenticeship is an ideal training opportunity for all those who know what they want and want to get quickly into practice. If you are interested in software development and have already gained some experience in programming, this could be an exciting option for you. Apply and become part of our apprentice team.

Writing a diploma thesis is a challenging task. But one that is easier with an experienced partner at your side. We are happy to supervise your diploma, bachelor’s, or master’s thesis. If you are interested in Industry 4.0, Internet of Things, Wearables, or other future technologies, we already have something in common. Write to us and together we will find a topic where we can support you.

As a partner company of the FH Technikum-Wien, we offer training positions for professional practice. This will enable you to complete your Bachelor’s degree in computer science and at the same time gain experience in software development. We are looking forward to your application!

All senior developers started out as juniors. Learn from some of the best how to turn the love of coding into a career. As a Junior Developer, you’ll work on app development projects in a variety of industries and benefit from a steep learning curve and a team that supports you. Apply and become part of our team.

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