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Mobile solutions have great potential when it comes to the distribution and improvement of health services. At the same time, the medical sector is one of the most sensitive areas – after all, health is the most valuable human asset. As a service provider in the healthcare sector, we are aware of our responsibility and measure ourselves against the highest quality standards in app development. With ISO 13485 certification, we ensure that we meet all the requirements for a trustworthy medical product in the manufacturing and design process. Our experience from the development of more than 30 mobile medical apps has shown us that with compassion and technological know-how, real value added can be created in the everyday life of healthcare professionals and patients.

What we offer

Apps for doctors

Using iOS and Android applications to support healthcare professionals can significantly improve the service quality. Medical apps can, for example, support the conversation between doctors and patients through visual presentations, calculate the correct dosage of a medication or show the compliance of patients.

Apps for patients

More and more patients are using apps that support them in pursuing their therapy goals and a healthier lifestyle. Our main focus in the development of medical apps is to provide reliable information based on the data entered. We place particular importance on data protection. With us, the health of your users is treated just as responsibly as their data.

Health apps

Together with our customers, we have been developing iOS and Android applications that help people to increase their well-being for over 9 years. We place particular emphasis on usability, design and correct information. The concrete possibilities range from activity apps, blood pressure apps, nutrition apps, fitness apps and weight apps to smoke-free apps.

Pharma apps

Inform, illustrate, train and communicate. This and much more is the demand for apps in the pharmaceutical sector. Mobile applications have become an integral part of the marketing mix of pharmaceutical companies. Pharmaceutical apps can be used for a variety of purposes, such as supporting the sales force, as a means of training or for communicating with doctors and patients.

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