Start-up apps

If you come out big, you have to start out smart

The art of making a lot out of little. That’s what start-ups are trained to do. Those who operate with tight budgets must invest strategically. But that does not mean that the cheapest option is always the better one. In app development, qualitative compromises are often made to keep costs down. However, this can lead to increased overheads and unsatisfactory results. In the end, unnecessary complications and feedback loops often result in additional costs that exceed the original savings by far. We have made it our mission to support start-ups in bringing a high-quality product to market with existing resources. We see ourselves not only as a partner in app development but also as a companion throughout the entire life cycle of mobile software.

What we offer

Customized solutions

The basis of an effective solution lies in a deep comprehension of the specific project requirements. Ours is based on many years of industry experience and the effort to understand you and your individual challenges. 


Secure. Quick. Fail-safe. We host your system in our own cloud in European data centers, manage domains, SSL certificates and other services as part of a complete package.


We develop high-quality solutions. And to ensure that they stay that way, we keep your application compatible with the latest language standards and libraries according to our maintenance conditions.

Security and encryption

Datenverschlüsselung und -sicherheit waren noch nie relevanter als heute und sind besonders in unserem Branchenumfeld von großer Bedeutung. Wir arbeiten deshalb nach den aktuellsten BSI und NIST Empfehlungen.


No human is an island. Nor is an app. That’s why our applications can be easily integrated into your existing and future system landscape. To ensure this we rely on modern communication standards (RESTful, JSON, GraphQL) including automatically generated API documentation.

What our expertise is based on


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