Full service app development

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

Aristotle already said that. He probably didn’t know at that time that he would be right with his statement also in regards to app development. He puts the value of a well-rounded service portfolio in a nutshell: If all the process steps from brainstorming to the finished product are supervised by a full-service partner, the elements of experience are ultimately connected by an invisible thread. The individual touchpoints thus combine to form a holistic, consistent experience for the user. This is why we offer end-to-end consulting throughout the entire life cycle of a digital product. Our full-service offer ranges from app design and concept, app development, web and backend development to testing and digital training.

What we offer

Digital trainings

We are happy to share our knowledge with your development team. In our digital training courses we pass on coding know-how, our experience with new technologies and a few real tech hacks to your developers.

App design and concept

Experience is the basis of competence. Ours is based on UI/UX design and the conception of over 460 mobile apps. This allows us to develop customized solutions for individual requirements.

App development

Since we do not compromise on quality and user experience, we develop native apps only. This allows us to create solutions that combine functionality and intuitive operation.

Web development

For us, web development is custom-tailoring. Among our used technologies are React or Angular. We deliver powerful web applications, web services and websites that are tailored to the needs of your users.

Backend development

Powerful apps need a high-performance backend architecture. We develop customized backends that can be easily integrated into your existing system landscape, are scalable and easy to maintain.


The creation of a high-quality app is an iterative process consisting of testing and development phases. Targeted quality management and testing are of fundamental importance for optimal usability and reliable functionality.

More than 400 apps developed for over 250 well-known customers make allaboutapps one of the leading providers of mobile solutions in Austria and Germany.

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