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No one is as smart alone
as all of us together.

We’re a motley crew. And that is our greatest asset. Because great ideas need great variety. That’s why our teams bring together a wide range of skills and experience, opinions and backgrounds under one roof. This enables us to develop solutions that make sense from more than one perspective – which eventually leads to better results and more fun.

Where all the threads come together. This is where just as much organizational as communication talent is needed. Our project management team plays a central role in the development process and ensures that customer expectations match the project progress. In this respect, our project managers are in constant contact with our customers on the one hand and the interdisciplinary project teams from design, development, and testing on the other.

If you like to be in contact with people from different industries and have a good eye for the big picture as well as the small details, you might enjoy working in project management. Apply and become one of our string-pullers.

In the end, an idea is only as good as its implementation. That’s why in iOS development we work with a team that is as experienced as it is curious. They take care of the technical implementation of our projects on all Apple platforms – from the first line of code to the release in the Apple Store. Code quality is always our top priority. Therefore we stay up-to-date with the latest best practices in software development. One that has proven itself over a long period of time is the Swift programming language. Another is app architecture using MVVM and a reactive programming style.

As a member of the iOS team, you’ll work on a wide variety of projects. We’d be happy to have you on board. Write to us if this way of working resonates with you.

Expertise requires specialization. All solutions that are implemented specifically for the Android platform come from developers who have specialized in this area. That way we ensure that all platform-specific guidelines and quality requirements are met. We do not only focus on smartphones and tablets but also work with Wear, Auto, and Things. We keep up to date with new developments and constantly check their applicability in our projects.

If your heart is also set on Android and you want to contribute and deepen your expertise in this area, you might like working with us. Apply and become part of our Android team.

The web team moves between the three areas frontend, backend, and infrastructure. Each of them requires different skills. That’s why our web team members concentrate on a single area at the beginning and then, in the long term, cover all three areas as full-stack engineers. We define IT service projects via API, ERM, and architecture specifications and implement our feature packages in a testable way. Through common conventions and best practices, we ensure smooth operations and sustainable maintenance. We typically implement our back-end services and web front-ends in TypeScript – but we are polyglot and understand design patterns across languages. Topics and technologies such as RESTful, GraphQL, PostgreSQL/NoSQL, Docker, Kubernetes, React.js/MobX are omnipresent in our daily work.

Each of these three areas is constantly changing. With your ideas and experiences, you have a direct influence on how we meet future challenges. Write to us if you are as eager to help shape and drive things forward as we are.

More than just testing. For us, quality management begins at the very beginning of the development process and goes far beyond testing. Our quality management team ensures that the results meet the quality requirements and support our programmers in the development process. Often it is enough to ask the right questions to avoid potential misunderstandings or errors. When testing software, we use different approaches and setups. For example, we use destructive tests to develop constructive criticism.

A penchant for uncompromising quality, forward-looking thinking, and a good eye for detail. This is what good quality managers bring with them. Everything else you learn on the job. Write to us if you are interested! We look forward to your message!

We have created a new team for cross-platform development with Flutter. With the help of the UI toolkit, we can use one codebase to develop apps for different platforms – whether iOS or Android, smartphone or tablet. Flutter opens up many new possibilities, which we are currently exploring together. In the weekly team meeting, we share our experiences with each other, talk about recent developments and insights. If you find this new technology as exciting as we do, we look forward to receiving your application!

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