Trust is good, testing is better

No cook serves their guests a meal without having tasted it first. Neither would we launch apps that we have not put through their paces beforehand. Targeted app testing and quality management increase the quality of an application and consequently customer satisfaction. As part of our mobile application testing services, our team will test all areas of your app in accordance with current user interface design and usability guidelines. This results in concrete starting points for improving the performance, usability, security, and reliability of your application.

By the way, with us, testing does not begin when the development process ends – quite the opposite. For app, web, and backend projects we work according to an iterative process in the development and test phases. That way we ensure that the focus is precisely aligned on usability, user experience, and performance throughout the entire development process. 

Our quality standards go beyond platform-specific design and usability guidelines and ensure that apps not only work well but also look good and are pleasurable to interact with. 

What we offer

Creation of test plans and test strategies

No two development projects are alike. That is why there is no one-fits-all solution for the test process. We therefore tailor test plans and test strategies to the specific requirements and priorities of each project.

Development of test cases, marginal cases and edge cases

Based on functional requirements (user stories) and known non-functional requirements we develop test cases and define marginal cases. This enables us to approach testing in a structured way and to guarantee a high test coverage.

Generation of test data

The result of testing is a representative set of test data that comes very close to a real-world application. All error cases and bugs are documented in detail.

Test-driven Development

In backend development, it has proven to be best to create test cases before the actual component. This way it can be determined immediately after changes whether tests work. Since only the frontend is tested, this approach can significantly improve test coverage.

Manual and automated tests

Automated testing is practical and efficient, but it does not replace testers. Therefore, critical paths and test cases are also tested manually. The advantage of automated testing, however, is that a large coverage can be achieved quickly, e.g. for updates.

Load und Performance Tests

In the course of load and performance tests, simultaneous access by many users over a certain period of time is simulated in order to test performance in terms of response times and resource utilization.

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