What we do

Bringing digital applications to life

Generic apps are a dime a dozen in today’s market, and that’s not what we’re about. Our commitment lies in delivering exceptional quality at every stage of the app development process – from initial brainstorming and meticulous programming to the final, polished product. We prioritize usability and native solutions that go beyond mere functionality to provide a truly engaging experience. Our expertise is backed by over 460 successful mobile projects, encompassing not just app development, but also the thoughtful conception, creative design, and rigorous testing of mobile apps.

170 million app-downloads
256 customers
460 developed apps

Unforgettable Projects in Our Journey

We’re proud to say that our portfolio is both extensive and diverse. We’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with clients across various sectors, notably in the industrial, financial, and medical fields. Our experience includes working with renowned names such as ERSTE Bank, Raiffeisen, Palfinger, and Rosenbauer. However, our passion extends beyond the big names. We’re equally committed to empowering start-ups, offering them our wealth of programming expertise to help bring their visions to life.

Quality is not a coincidence

Delivering exceptional results through expertise and innovation

Our expertise is rooted in both our passion for the craft and our extensive experience. With over 460 applications developed for more than 256 clients, we’re adept at crafting sophisticated solutions for iOS, Android, and web platforms.


Based in Vienna, our development and design team adheres to ISO-certified processes, guaranteeing a consistent level of quality in our digital communication and software solutions. We tailor our services to meet the unique requirements of each client, offering a comprehensive suite that encompasses digital training, app design and concept, app development, web development, backend development, and meticulous testing.

Digital trainings

We are happy to share our knowledge with your development team. In our digital training courses we pass on coding know-how, our experience with new technologies and a few real tech hacks to your developers.

App design and concept

Experience is the basis of competence. Ours is based on UI/UX design and the conception of over 460 mobile apps. This allows us to develop customized solutions for individual requirements.

Native app development for iOS and Android

Since we do not compromise on quality and user experience, we develop native apps only. This allows us to create solutions that combine functionality and intuitive operation.

Web development

For us, web development is custom-tailoring. Among our used technologies are React or Angular. We deliver powerful web applications, web services and websites that are tailored to the needs of your users.

Backend development

Powerful apps need a high-performance backend architecture. We develop customized backends that can be easily integrated into your existing system landscape, are scalable and easy to maintain.


The creation of a high-quality app is an iterative process consisting of testing and development phases. Targeted quality management and testing are of fundamental importance for optimal usability and reliable functionality.

What we stand for

Our values

It makes us proud to be one of the leading companies in app development. 280 satisfied customers and more than 460 apps with a total of over 150 million downloads are the results of the system of values and principles we uphold:

Uncompromising quality

As a quality leader in app development, our highest standards of functionality and usability are our guiding principles. But even beyond that, it is our self-declared goal to create consumer journeys that your users will love to remember.

Rich experience

Experience is the mother of excellence. The successful completion of over 460 projects in app development since 2011 has challenged, strengthened and expanded our digital skills. With every additional project, we take our competence to a higher level.

Specialization in industry, finance and medicine

Special projects require special know-how. In order to be able to optimally support our customers in industry, finance and medicine, we have therefore acquired special knowledge of these industries. For example, we are an ISO 13485 certified service provider in the medical sector.

Open positions

We don’t only love code, but also people

Good work is the result of open communication. And so is the team spirit. That’s why we maintain flat hierarchies, an appreciative approach at eye level and a good sense of humor. What we do take seriously, though, is our work-life balance. We believe that a balanced lifestyle not only makes you happier but also leads to better results. If you think about work the way we do, write to us and become part of our team!

allaboutapps academy

Program your future for success

We think it is never too early and rarely too late to become a top developer. That’s why we offer training and teaching for everyone in the allaboutapps academy: For those who are still attending school and those who have already completed it. For those who are about to study, are just taking a break, or have already finished university. But especially for those who enjoy learning and love coding.

Coders’ Blog

Stories from app development

When coding an app, one thing matters above all others: experience. And we are happy to share that experience. On our Coders’ blog allaboutapps developers write about new technologies, about their learnings and recommendations, tech hacks and programming tricks.