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Mobile and web are equal parts of the user experience

Anytime, anywhere and from any device. This is the demand that many users make on the usability of apps. In addition to classic native apps, there are also more and more web apps. These have the great advantage that the applications can be used from any end device, provided it has a browser. We have specialized in the web development of customized apps. In combination with our internal backend development, we can optimize performance, usability, and design for an optimal user experience. The process follows the same principles as in app and backend development: First the concept, then the planning, afterward the design, and finally an iterative process of development and test phases.

User-oriented content, the Responsive or Mobile First movement, and social media have revolutionized the world of the web. Apps such as Google Docs, Netflix, and Facebook, which were originally developed for the desktop, are now used in the browser. 

What we offer

Web development with single-page applications

In web development, we work with so-called SPAs (single-page applications). These are web apps whose functionality is controlled by JavaScript – with the aim of creating a user experience on the web similar to that of mobile apps or on the desktop. To make this possible, we rely on the following core elements in the development process:

  • Specification and implementation of your requirements within modern web frameworks (React, Angular) in TypeScript
  • User experiences based on Google’s material design (appearance and behavior similar to native Android apps)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) through Universal JavaScript: In addition to the client-side execution of the application, we also offer a server-side execution.
  • Our architectures are based on sustainable web components and the latest ECMAScript standards. We work with high-quality codes that are consistent and statically typed.
  • Innovative technologies: WebVR, Web Push Notifications, WebGL, WebRTC, WebWorkers, Reactive Programming, and GraphQL. We advise you which new programs and functions are useful in your individual case.

Content management with WordPress

WordPress, as a free content management system, has become the preferred solution for publishers and authors of digital content on the web. In cooperation with our subsidiary dotsandlines, we support you in the conception and selection of themes and also accompany their adaptation to your corporate identity. Thanks to our own cloud, we can also offer secure and high-performance hosting.

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