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We believe that the best results are achieved where humans and machines work hand in hand. This requires an interface. That’s why we deliver smart technologies that connect users and technology. We specialize in developing mobile software solutions for industrial companies that allow machines and systems to be controlled and data to be exchanged via smartphone. With the help of IoT-Devices, you can link processes and backend systems, automate workflows and process sensor data. This leads not only to an improved application experience but also to time and cost savings (e.g. in remote maintenance or servicing of machines and plants).

What we offer

IoT applications

Everything is connected to everything. This is the idea behind the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT applications allow physical and virtual objects to network with each other. This opens up numerous new possibilities for using IoT devices to reach new customers, learn from their usage behavior and open up new business areas. With this goal in mind, we support companies and end customers in using smartphones to control their devices and create an efficient flow of data.

Process optimization

The possibility of digitizing and automating processes creates an enormous potential for efficiency. Not only can valuable resources be saved – service quality and customer satisfaction can also be significantly increased. In order to realize this potential, competencies are needed that go beyond pure app development. That is why we have acquired broad know-how in the process management of industrial companies over the years.

Mobile ERP system

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems play a central role in the industrial software landscape. They bring together the most important product and customer data and serve as an information hub. Users want to be able to access the ERP system via smartphones and tablets on the move. We develop applications that connect to existing ERP systems. In this way, users can access data and information while on the move, allowing them to make informed decisions faster. 

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